Best Fertilizers for a Vegetable Garden

At Alpha One, we understand the importance of having healthy soil to produce the best quality produce for your summer gardens. One of the keys to achieving this is using organic fertilizers, which not only improve soil and root health but also keep harmful chemicals out of your garden. Let’s explore some of the best fertilizer for a vegetable garden and how it can benefit your plants.

Alpha One El Primero Organic Garden Fertilizer

First on our list is the El Primero Organic Garden Fertilizer – an organic-based fertilizer containing a homogenous nutrient balance that distributes the plant-ready nutrients in a natural time-release, so the plants have extended access to them. The organic-based amino acids of El Primero counter high pH (alkaline) calcareous soils to create a better soil quality for all varieties of garden plants – making it an easy choice for the best fertilizer for a vegetable garden.

Applying Organic Fertilizer To Your Vegetable Garden

Using El Primero Organic Garden Fertilizer for your vegetable garden is easy – simply use our three step process. 

  1. Pour. Prior to seeding or planting, pour & incorporate 7-10 lbs per 500sq ft of El Primero with a quality compost or peat moss. For established plantings, spread the fertilizer evenly around the plants and lightly rake it into the soil.
  2. Distribute. Till fertilizer into a soil depth of 3-4 inches along the outside edges of the garden bed first and work your way back and forth across the area. Keep approx. 5 ft spacing to ensure the fertilizer overlaps.
  3. Water. Thoroughly water following planting. Re-apply every 3 months spring through summer.

Our people and pet-safe organic fertilizer is safe to use on all types of garden produce and vegetables, including leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, and more. And because it’s made from natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals contaminating your food.