About Us

Where it all began

In 1990, Gary Bragdon founded Alpha One with a dream: to develop quality organic-based fertilizer for all landscapes – using natural and effective ingredients.

Little did he know, the business would accomplish that goal and go on to do so much more in the coming years. From product creation to product expansion, Alpha One has conducted intensive research, field trials, production evaluations, quality control checks, formula revisions, and refiguration in order to create organic fertilizer options that are both safe and effective.

Keeping the people, the plants, and the production team in mind, Alpha One has since expanded from its original two organic-based lawn and garden fertilizers to additional organic-based garden fertilizers, organic-based pre-plant fertilizers, and organic-based mineral supplements, as well.

While the original founder Gary has since retired as of late 2021, the new ownership shares his passion for high quality products and personal customer care. Using the same product formulas, company values, and relational partnerships that people have come to know and love over the years, they will continue to propel the Alpha One legacy forward.